Anonymous donor pays off layaways at Crockett Walmart

Anonymous donor pays off layaways at local Walmart

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - An anonymous donor paid off all the layaway items at a Crockett Walmart.

Mary Trosclair is one of the customers who benefited from the donor’s generosity.

“We went to Walmart to cancel my layaway and the gentleman was there. I thought he was just paying a layaway off,” Trosclair said. “And I was talking to a manager about canceling it and he turned around and asked me if I wanted to take my layaway home. And I told him sure, but I just couldn’t afford it and next thing I (knew) the manager comes around and ask if he can help me load it in my car.”

Trosclair was at the Crockett store on Dec. 10 because it was the last day to pay and she didn’t have the money to pay for the merchandise.

"Sometimes our hours get cut and we just don’t have the money, bills come up all at one time and sometimes it’s a struggle,” Trosclair said.

Mickey Fields received this email on her phone, letting her know to come pick up her items. Her layaway was paid in full, too.

“It’s a great feeling for someone to do that to you not knowing you and say here we will just do this for this town for a lot of people because a lot of people are struggling right now, so it’s a great blessing to a lot of people,” Fields said.

Fields said the donation is a blessing because she has a lot of medical bills.

“My kid Kegan is 9, Colton is 8. They have a condition called neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors to grow in the nerve endings in your body and Kegan was recently diagnosed with about 30, give or take, tumors growing outside his spinal cord,” she said. "So we have a lot of medical bills and co-pays going back and forth to the Woodlands and Houston to see the doctors,” Fields said.

We spoke to the anonymous donor and we are not showing his face because he would like to remain just that, anonymous.

He told us he is an African American business owner who has donated to families for years.

"I wanted to secretly do something to help some families out you know because I’ve been blessed so much and you know it’s a blessing to be a blessing,” said donor.

Those like Trosclair are now a part of his annual blessing and are able to put presents under her Christmas tree.

"It’s a big help now, I have a few things for my grandkids and when people help out it’s a good help it’s a good, there is angels out there,” Trosclair said.

The donor was able to pay off more than 100 layaway balances. He also made a donation in Navasota on Tuesday.

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