TxDOT explains proposed changes to U.S. 59 expansion project Redland area based on feedback

TxDOT explains proposed changes to U.S. 59 expansion project Redland area based on feedback

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -- In June 2017, TXDOT showed the public their initial schematics of the road changes on US 59 in Redland.

Since then, they have been busy revising the designs based on comments and feedback from the public.

“We’ve had the chance to complete out environmental studies, finish out detailed design survey, so we really have a better handle on the right of way needs for the project,” said Jennifer Adams, I-69 manager.

This project aims to bring US 59 in the Redland area up to current interstate design standards by providing a system of connectivity, enhanced safety, increased mobility and a more efficient hurricane evacuation route, says TxDOT.

“What we have now based on some comments we received at the June public meeting in 2017 is actually a turnaround or a u-turn at the UPRR bridge,” Adams said.

She explained that in the revised concept layout, a U-turn is designed near the bridge by Union Pacific Railroad.

Further changes include adding a few bridge locations to preserve the natural waterways, some by Winston Ranch.

“The bridge that’s located down by our gate, we understand they’re (TxDOT) going to relocate that and build a whole new area,” said Paul Wood, manager at Winston Ranch. "We’re going to try not to impact any stream flow and have low water crossing versus damming anything up. And any areas that are going to be impacted, they have engineers that have looked at how they can best manipulate those and keep everything intact and we’ve been very happy with their progress. "

Wood said with the increased traffic over the years, the expansion is necessary for progress and safe travel.

The projected timeline for completion of the the US 59 project is summer 2025.

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