Daughter of missing man remembers her father

Daughter of missing man remembers her father

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Rhonda Jeffero-Grahm reflects on her father’s life while she looks at pictures of him.

She says despite the sad news, she and her family can now be at peace.

"Also that his body was intact it was not decomposed and so we can actually have a nice funeral and a nice closure,” said Jeffero-Grahm.

Moses Jeffero suffered from Alzheimer’s disease which destroys the memory and other mental functions.

“My dad was forgetting more and more his short-term memory was totally gone long-term memory was there‚” said Jeffero-Grahm.

Rhonda credits her mother for her strong faith and most importantly for being a devoted wife to her father.

"She’s basically like quit her job, she did hair for like 50 years,” she said.

Hundreds of community members, friends and strangers joined law enforcement to help search for Mr. Jeffery, which is something Rhonda says she is most thankful for.

“It’s so uplifting when you see all those people that just come up to you and those come up and say I may not know you but I had a family member they had Alzheimer’s, so I want to be here for you,” said Jeffero-Grahm.

The last memory Rhonda has of her father was before he left home on Sunday evening.

He was so persistent on going home, so maybe he knew more than we knew and he meant the other home like a spiritual home, so he was just really dead set on going home but he could never really say and so I’m thinking that maybe he had some clarity at some point and he knew that it was just time,” she said.

The Lufkin Police Department said that an autopsy has been ordered and it could take a few weeks before they find out the cause of death.

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