Lufkin woman replaces stolen Christmas decorations for stranger

“That’s my purpose. I love to do things for people,” woman says

Lufkin woman replaces stolen Christmas decorations for stranger

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When Carolyn Hall heard Diane McQueen’s present-shaped Christmas decorations had been stolen…

“I started crying,” Hall said.

Touched by Mcqueen’s misfortune, hall reached out to KTRE, offering to replace them.

“I told them, I said I’ll pay for them. I just don’t know where to take them," Hall said.

Then a phone call lead to McQueen and Hall finally meeting.

“When Carolyn and I connected, it was just like a miracle to me and I could feel her love,” McQueen said.

When Hall went to buy the new decorations, she also says it felt like a miracle.

“I go into Big Lots, and there is only two sets of those left. I went oh my goodness," Hall said. "Thank you, Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Now those decorations sit in McQueen’s house, giving off a warm holiday glow. For Hall, selfless acts like these are a calling.

“Sometimes I think that’s my purpose," Hall said. "I’m a giver and I love to do things for people.”

She serves others in spite of her own struggles. A brain tumor removed when she was in her thirties left her right eye blind, left ear deaf, and the right side of her face paralyzed.

“It didn’t stop me, it’s not gonna stop me because I fully believe that’s my purpose," Hall said. "I wouldn’t trade the condition of where I’m at. I wouldn’t trade it, because I got that to hold on to.”

Holding on to a faith that inspires her to serve and love others, especially this time of year.

“It’s the season for love and giving, and giving to others,” Hall said.

McQueen and Hall both say these events have created a friendship between them and that they intend to visit each other more in the future.

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