Alzheimer’s event helps raise awareness, funds

Alzheimer’s event helps raise awareness, funds

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nearly one in three seniors are affected by Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

While the Walk to End Alzheimer’s happens every fall, the Lufkin chapter is working to raise money to fund research to help find a cure.

With last week’s tragic news of a missing East Texan, Moses Jeffero, this issue hits close to home.

The organization hosted an event to take photos. Money raised from the event is going towards Alzheimer’s research.

“I love 80s photos. 80′s glamour shots I think are so perfectly cringe-worthy and my favorite one involves animals,” said Chasity Boatman, a supporter.

The pictures, Boatman says, will tell a story. The story of the reality of Alzheimer’s.

“My biological grandfather does. He’s currently suffering with it. He is in a home right now. He needs constant care,” Boatman said.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions.

“I wanted to come and show my support. I think research is so important. It has no cure, so I wanted to help be a part of that in any way that I could,” Boatman said. “I also think that these photos will bring a smile to people faces, I think it will a lot of joy and a lot of laughter.”

While the pictures will bring joy, Crystal Capps with the Alzheimer’s Association said the goal is to raise awareness and funds.

“I think as soon as everyone heard, everybody came together with the searches,” Capps said.

Capps is referring to the loss of Moses Jeffero. He had Alzheimer’s and was initially reported missing last week.

She said the incident affected the whole community.

“It could be my grandfather, my father or it could be someone that I know and that was close to me because that’s part of it,” Capps said. “Wandering is part of the disease and being confused and not knowing where you are or really where you’re going, it could happen to any of us.”

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