East Texas authorities continue investigation into troubled animal shelter

East Texas authorities continue investigation into troubled animal shelter

JEFFERSON, TX (KSLA) - The Jefferson Police Department continues its criminal investigation Tuesday into the embattled Humane Society of Marion County, after a volunteer recently discovered animals living in sub-standard conditions.

“We’ve taken over 170 pictures of the scene, which is about three-quarters of an acre,” said Jefferson Police Chief Gary Amburn. “We’ve had officers and other people come in and try to find any other place where animals may have been buried...we found nothing.”

Amburn said he plans to take his investigation to the Marion County District Attorney next week.

“We continued to investigate and found the sanitary conditions just terrible,” said Amburn. “The major problem was the inhumane conditions the animals were forced to live in.”

Caroline Wedding, the former director of the Humane Society of Marion County, lived on the facility’s grounds and was responsible for maintaining the animals' health. Amburn said he has not made contact with Wedding as his investigation persists.

“I have nothing to talk to Ms. Wedding about at this time,” said Amburn.

KSLA has mad multiple attempts to reach out to Wedding for comment, but has not heard back.

Amburn advises Jefferson residents to allow law enforcement to complete a thorough investigation of the facility without interruption.

“The scene was compromised by ‘do-gooders’ I’ll call them, people who should’ve not crossed over the crime scene and I’m currently considering filing a charge against them for breaking that barrier and creating problems with the investigation,” said Amburn.

Right now, dogs discovered at the Humane Society of Marion County are currently receiving proper medical treatment and nourishment at the Marshall Animal Hospital. The hospital has created a fund for continued care for the animals rescued from the embattled shelter.

Call (903) 935-3082 to make a donation to support the rescued dogs. An adoption event is schedule for this Saturday, December 22, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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