TxDOT crews pre-treat roads across East Texas

TxDOT crews pre-treat roads across East Texas

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - TxDOT crews are out around East Texas taking a proactive approach Monday.

Crews are preparing the roads with a salt water mixture for the potential of icy conditions that are to follow later this week.

Crews used a brine mixture of water and salt to cover the roads from the I-20 corridor to US Highway 59.

Brine lowers the freezing temperature of water, so ice sheets don’t build up on the road.

“Normally we will hit the overpasses the bridges and the flyovers,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer with TxDOT.

Crews sprayed roads that are prone to freeze first if they are wet from the rain.

“It’s a simple mixture and what it does is once the roadway has been treated then it really prevents the water from freezing. It really slows that process quite a bit,” Oaks said. “When we decide to pre-treat a roadway it’s usually a culmination of what is projected and predicted in our forecast.”

While TxDOT crews are prepping the roads, so are tow truck drivers who are ready on standby.

“We’re not really prepared for this because we don’t get these types of temperatures all the time in East Texas,” said Ashton Johnson, a tow truck driver. “It’s just something like I say if you don’t have to go somewhere, or if you need to go somewhere go, but if you don’t, just try to stay home and then during especially at night, cause you can’t see ice at night. It' black ice.”

He put emphasis on maintaining speed, to prevent hydroplaning your car when you travel.

Meanwhile, TxDOT is erring on the side of caution.

“I believe the temperatures that they are predicting are a little bit higher than what we thought yesterday, but we’re still going to go ahead and make sure that our roadways will hold the water and any freezing temperature that occur after the rain stops and hopefully it won’t get that cold. Hopefully, it won’t freeze," Oaks said.

TxDOT said they will continue to spray the solution on the roads across east Texas until mid-week.

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