Decision to close Nacogdoches County road tabled for now

Commissioners awaiting deed of easement

Decision to close Nacogdoches County road tabled for now

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches County commissioners court met this Wednesday morning to discuss the possibility of closing county road 127. This would change it from a county road to a private one leading to the nearby subdivision. While it may seem like a simple process, it’s actually quite complicated.

“We approved this subdivision I think two years ago, but when we approved it this county road was the entrance before you get to the subdivision, and so therefore if we close it now, we stand the possibility of land-locking the people that’s bought property in the subdivision,” commissioner Jerry Don Williamson said.

The court decided to table the closure of the road until the subdivision owner could obtain a deed of easement to prevent any potential dispute of land ownership.

“He wants to close it as a county road and make it a private road," Williamson said. "Once we close the road, that land reverts back to the land owner - whoever’s land is on the road, that land reverts back to them.”

There are two property owners on either side of the road before you reach the subdivision. Once the road is closed, the land that the road is on will be considered theirs. A deed of easement would allow the private road to be considered an extension of the subdivision. According to Williamson, little details like this are often overlooked by property owners.

“They just think you close the road and you just keep using it and all that," Williamson said. “They just don’t know. It’s very complicated and trying to explain it is even harder.”

Again, commissioners are tabling the decision to close county road 127 until a deed of easement can be produced. The court’s decision is to be determined until then.

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