Strap on your plastic bib, start pigging out -- it’s crawfish time

Crawfish season begins mid-January and usually ends around mid-July
Crawfish season begins mid-January and usually ends around mid-July
Published: Jan. 4, 2019 at 10:49 PM CST
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Wawa’s in Athens is excited to resume serving crawfish now that the season has started again.

EAST TEXAS, TX (KLTV) - East Texans get ready-- it is officially crawfish boil season, when families and friends come together, strap that plastic bib on and get to peeling.

“They will sit in here with all of our secret ingredients, until there is a thick layer of foam all the way across the top and when that foam is real thick, that is when you know you are done,” crawfish cook Grayson Parker says.

A crawfish boil is more like a social celebration than a meal here in the south.

“It’s just something that brings our families together, and who can beat the good food brought from Louisiana?” crawfish lover Keri Pickering says.

“Break that tail off, pinch the end of the tail right there, and pull it right out,” Parker says.

It’s mudbug mania now that crawfish season has officially begun. Especially at Wawa’s in Athens, where the family owned business says they serve more than a ton of crawfish each season.

“We put a little bit of love into it, personality into it, spices, and they can look at it and tell when it is ready, and you pull them out and eat them hot,” Wawa says.

There’s no question that these freshwater crustaceans are delicious, but there’s more than one way to eat them.

"Personally, I just pull the tails off and I eat the tails, I do know people though that pop the head and suck the brains out,” Pickering says.

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“I still don’t eat it the correct way, I like to peel it, and peel off the top few legs, my husband says the right way to do it is you twist it stick it in your mouth and pull it out, and that way you get it all, and then of course you have to suck the head, that’s where all the flavor comes from,” Wawa says.

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The end of crawfish season is usually around mid-July, when there’s less rain for crawdads to grow properly.

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