Local animal shelter see decrease in animals being returned

Local animal shelter see decrease in animals being returned

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -Eleven percent of all animals adopted in December from Kurth Animal Shelter in Lufkin were brought back.

Chad Harris, who assists with adoptions said the low return rate means fewer animals are euthanized.

"We had about 40 percent last year that we had to euthanize, so it’s dropped but it has to happen,” said Harris.

Animals dropped off to the shelter are on hold for four days, medically treated by the shelter and then are put up for adoption.

Harris said failure to spay or neuter an animal is the number one factor that increases the number of animals at the shelter.

"If you know your dog is going to get out sometimes and take off running have it altered because you may say well mine is a male, it’s not that big of a deal well your male is going to go out and get something pregnant and then it’s going to be an unwanted liter,” said Harris.

Animal lover Audrye Hammonds has adopted several animals from the shelter.

"It’s very careless on a person part to not just bring it to an animal shelter, but to just dump it I feel like people like that don’t have a heart,” said Hammonds.

She said services provided by the shelter such as spaying and neutering help people learn why how to care for the animals.

"You know everything and it’s because it was included because it helped a lot and maybe I wouldn’t have thought about getting my dog spayed, so she could have puppies without me knowing.

So far, 124 dogs and 98 cats have been adopted from Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.

They are still in need of adoptions and fosters.

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