Moving targets donated to Angelina County trains officers for dynamic situations

Moving targets donated to Angelina County trains officers for dynamic situations

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin business is right on target in supporting Angelina County law enforcement; the sheriff’s office is training with a moving target system donated by a business owner in the area.

Captain Alton Lenderman spent Tuesday afternoon showing off his new moving target system and how the system works.

“This is sometimes what we call a charging target and we can simulate, say, if the officer is walking up to a traffic stop or walking on a complaint and all of sudden the guy charges at him with a knife or a gun,” Lenderman demonstrated. “It teaches an officer how to get out of what we call a get out of the hole.”

For some time, training has been focused on what’s called static training, meaning the target does not move.

“In reality, in gunfights, it’s proven that normally both the suspect and the officer are both moving," Lenderman added. "So if we’re standing still it’s not really realistic training.”

However, with the moving target system, reaction time will become faster in situations when the target is charging towards or away from an officer. The charging system complements the current side-to-side system already in action.

Firearms instructor Robert Inman explained officers may not always know what situations they’re about to face.

“We don’t necessarily get to pick the ground we fight on," Inman said. "You don’t know what type of terrain you’re going to have to fight on, what type of ground what youre going to be up against.”

Donation of the moving target system was made by Overhead Door Company. A formal approval of the donation will take place with Angelina County Commissioners Court on Jan. 10.

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