Nacogdoches County man wanted for aggravated kidnapping, sexual assault now in custody

Nacogdoches County man wanted for aggravated kidnapping, sexual assault now in custody
HEctor Sandoval (Source: Nacogdoches County Jail)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Less than 24 hours after Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges put the word out about a man who was wanted for aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault charges, 24-year-old Hector Renee Sandoval is now behind bars.

According to a press release, Sandoval turned himself in at the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday night.

Sandoval is being held in the Nacogdoches County Jail on a first-degree felony aggravated kidnapping charge, a first-degree felony aggravated sexual assault charge, and a Class A misdemeanor revocation of probation charge. No bond amounts have set for his charges yet, according to the jail website.

The investigation started on Dec. 27 after the victim managed to escape from Sandoval, the press release stated.

Sandoval allegedly held the victim at gunpoint at a residence in Nacogdoches County. During that time, the victim attempted to escape, but he or she was unable to do so, the press release stated.

“The suspect used force to hold the victim at the residence and sexually assaulted the victim,” the press release stated. “The suspect then forced the victim into a vehicle and held a gun to the victim’s head numerous times and threatened to shoot the victim.”

However, the victim was able to talk Sandoval down, and he or she used persuasion to get away from him, the press release stated. At that point, the alleged victim went to a safe location and notified authorities of what had happened.

“NCSO investigators conducted an investigation into the case and a sane exam was also conducted. Investigators established probable cause and arrest warrants were issued for the arrest of the suspect on 12-31-2018,” the press release stated. “At that time Sandoval had left Nacogdoches and went to Oklahoma. Sandoval was aware that he was under investigation and refused to meet with investigators on the case.”

On Tuesday, it was determined that Sandoval was on the run, and he was deemed to be a flight risk.

Shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday night, NCSO investigators learned that Sandoval was planning to turn himself into authorities. He later surrendered to deputies at the sheriff’s office.

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