Dental memberships offered to help patients without health insurance

Dental memberships offered to help patients without health insurance

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -When Debriyonia Miller found out her employer didn’t offer any dental insurance plans, she called Goodland Dentistry to see what her options would be.

“Some jobs they don’t require dental plans, i figured they should because you want to have a pretty smile and a lot of health issues come without taking care of your teeth,” said Miller.

She enrolled in their Resolution Dental Plan, which provides x-rays, cleanings and 30 percent off other procedures for $59 dollars a year.

“It makes me feel good you know saving money getting what you need done the right way at a low cost,” said Miller.

Office Manager William Brandenburg says after seeing many patients come in without insurance they added the subscription plan to help with the need.

“A lot of adults didn’t qualify for benefits or didn’t have the opportunity to sign up for dental benefits through their work so it’s definitely a large need there even in when they had insurance but no one in the area takes the insurance.

Element Dental in Lufkin offers the Thrive Dental Plan for their patients for $99 dollars per year.

“I’ve even had a few patients cancel their employer plan to sign up for this discount plan because they are only using it for a cleaning every six months and they are saving a significant amount of money,” said Office Manager Amber Crain.

Anna Foreman, the Director of Operations for Element Dental Dental said she believes the subscription plans will become more of a trend and help more people have a better understanding of the health plan options.

“Oral health is really important it’s just as valuable as other services and sometimes when a patient doesn’t have the funds or the means it’s hard for them to see it as valuable, so it really helps us be able to reach more of the community than we would if didn’t have anything to offer them,” said Foreman.

The Thrive Dental Plan offers family plans for $139 and the Resolution Dental Plan offers a two individual plan for $89 and a family plan for $109.

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