High lake levels cause several flooded roads near Zavalla

High lake levels cause several flooded roads near Zavalla

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Lake levels at Sam Rayburn Reservoir continue to rise, and they have caused several roads in the Zavalla area to wash out and flood.

“The area behind me is under water for about 7 feet,” said Bobby Cheshire, the Precinct 4 commissioner.

Cheshire said for about eight years now, Old Highway 147 has been permanently closed.

“Where we’re standing at right now - when water reaches the 176 mark, we would be standing in waist-deep water,” Cheshire said.

Cheshire is referring to the water level for Lake Sam Rayburn. Currently it’s at 173.76 feet and continuing to rise.

“The recent amounts of rain in the past several months has caused several roads in the area, such as this one to be flooded, especially with the overflow of Lake Sam Rayburn,” Cheshire said.

“There’s no break in between and that continues to put pressure on our road and bridge process trying to maintain and keep roads in good passable condition,” Cheshire said.

Unfortunately, with not enough consecutive dry days, Old Highway 147 continues to fill with water.

“There’s absolutely nothing that we can do to ever keep this road in passable condition without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Cheshire said.

He said just east of Old Highway 147 lies a state highway which gives access to those who live on this road. It’s also used by Zavalla’s fire and police chief who have established preparedness plans.

“In a case of a water emergency, if we can’t get to somebody because of high water, there are plans in place,” said Chris Wade, Zavalla’s fire and police chief.

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers said Sam Rayburn Reservoir continues to hold flood waters.

Additionally, the high lake levels have caused several boat ramp closures.

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