Lufkin Army recruiters offering free fitness program

Workout features exercises used in basic training

Lufkin Army recruiters offering free fitness program

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If you’re looking to get in shape this year, U.S. Army recruiters in East Texas have a unique solution for you.

The U.S. Army Recruitment Office in Lufkin is offering a free fitness program to the public. Those who attend can participate in different exercises performed by Army recruits during basic training.

“Anybody can come to it," said Sergeant First Class Jacob Sutherland. "It can be someone who’s just trying to lose weight. It can be somebody who needs to lose weight to try and join the military, whether it’s the Army or another branch.”

The workouts consist of exercises done in boot camp, as well as a two-mile run.

“It’s the same exercises that they’re gonna do during basic training or throughout their time in the Army, you know,” Sutherland said.

“We’ll go on, like, a run, and then we’ll come back," said Staff Sergeant Brian Silva. "We’ll do some sort of upper body circuit, -you know, with push-ups, dips, pull-ups, everything along those lines.”

The idea is to make the workouts simple enough to do from home or any other place. Recruiters said they also want to provide a workout that can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels.

“We don’t care what level of fitness you’re at," Silva said. "We want you to come here, have fun, and you know, learn how the Army does fitness and just get a good workout in.”

It’s not just push-ups and sit-ups.

“Other days, we switch it up and we make it more fun, I guess you would say," Sutherland said. “We’ll do some kind of sport exercise, you know. We’ll go out and play flag football, or we’ll do like ultimate Frisbee or play soccer, something like that.”

Along with strength and other health benefits, recruiters also hope to build camaraderie between participants.

“You’re gonna get that team camaraderie of having fun together and working out together," Sutherland said.

If you’re wanting to join the group, you can meet at the U.S. Army Recruiting Center at the Lufkin Mall. The program is offered each Thursday at 5 p.m.

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