Cornyn introduces concealed carry bill, East Texas instructor gives input

Cornyn introduces concealed carry bill, East Texas instructor gives input

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - This week U.S Senator John Cornyn introduced the bill called S-69, a constitutional conceal carry bill.

So far it’s garnered support from 31 other U.S senators as co-sponsors.

Luke Tarbutton is a firearms instructor with Shoot Perfect in Lufkin who says it’s a lot like a driver’s license.

“Reciprocity is simply a word meaning that you can carry a firearm in another state,” Tarbutton said. “They honor our license. Just like a driver’s license. Louisiana honors our driver’s license, we honor theirs, it’s the same concept. So we’ve been trying to get that passed through to that every state offers a license will honor the license.”

The bill aims to give the ability to protect those with concealed carry licenses when they travel to other states.

“This will help us in the way we travel and the way we can defend ourselves,” Tarbutton said. “Right now most states have reciprocity there are a few holdups that don’t.”

If passed, this bill will allow those with concealed carry licenses in their home state to exercise those rights in any other states with concealed carry laws, all while abiding by that state’s laws.

Senator Cornyn’s press release explains that this bill does not establish a national standard for concealed carry.

For now, people with concealed carry license need to do their research.

“We strongly encourage them to that they need to check with each state that they’re traveling through to find out what their laws are as far as license to carry, conceal carry, every state’s law is different,” said Captain Alton Lenderman, with Angelina County Sheriff’s Office.

Bill S-69 is in the introductory stage of the legislative process. In the past, similar bills have been introduced- but couldn’t get enough support to become law.

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