Dallas Cowboys prepare for the LA Rams

Dallas Cowboys prepare for the LA Rams
Dak Prescott

DALLAS, TX (KLTV) - Dallas in their first eight games had a paltry record of 3-5, but a modest win streak, a trade for a former number one draft pick helped pick the team’s confidence up a bit.

A hot finish to the regular season going 10-6 propelled them to beat the Seattle Seahawks who came on strong late in the regular season.

Now it’s Dak Prescott’s time to shake away his detractors and get past the Divisional Round, Prescott is keeping everything in perspective, saying their game with Los Angeles will not be treated any differently than the others.

“Not really different, not really different I credit this team and the organization, the coaches obviously for making that to be the point,” said Prescott. “This is just another game, as I continue to say way back when we were 3-5 our backs were against the wall, same thing our backs are against the wall. Gotta go win a game, a very important game, we’re excited for our chance to go do that.”

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