SFA launches new incentive program for fans

SFA launches new incentive program for fans
(Source: SFA Athletics)

From SFA Athletics

The Stephen F. Austin State University athletic department is excited to announce the launch of our new SFA Athletics Token Club program. Housed within the Lumberjack Sports Institute, the SFA Athletics token will be utilized as a blockchain-based rewards token to be distributed to participating individuals based on attendance at sporting events, coaching education and other SFA Athletic Department initiatives. Along with redeeming tokens for SFA merchandise and benefits, participating local vendors will also have the option of accepting the SFA Athletic Token as a part of their sponsor agreements. The rewards program is now live and all that is needed to participate is to create a free wallet with instructions found on the Lumberjack Sports Institute's website and by navigating to the SFA Athletics Token page. SFA is in the final stages of app development and once approved, it will be available, for free, for both Android and iPhone devices respectively. It is believed that this is the first use case of emerging blockchain technology within a collegiate athletic department in the country.

"One of our core values within the athletics department is to be innovative and our definition of being innovative is to be different. Launching the SFA Athletics Token and creating this interactive community puts us at the forefront of this technology," commented SFA director of athletics Ryan Ivey. "Due to the fact that the technology has evolved to a state of mass adoption where people can learn to use it with relative ease, we now have an opportunity to merge our current fans and community with a new and different, unreached demographic of potential supporters. Over the last several weeks we have had positive responses through beta testing, which leads us to believe there is significant upside."

The distribution of the SFA Athletic token will be managed in department by LSI Director/Head Soccer Coach Wally Crittenden within a soon-to-launch custom app developed by Houston-based company, Modern Sports Group. Those interested in learning more may visit the Lumberjack Sports Institute website and navigate to the SFA Athletics Token page.

Questions may be addressed on the official SFA Athletics Telegram group.