Former SFA Lumberjack has eyes on Dallas and heart on Super Bowl

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Los Angeles, CA (KTRE) - The journey to NFC Division Round has been an eventful one for Rams Defensive End John Franklin-Myers.

The rookie 4th round pick came to the league after a successful senior season at Stephen F. Austin State University and a strong showing at the NFL Combine. It was a long way from his high school days where the Greenville Lions went 0-40.

Franklin and his teammates on one of the best defensive lines in the country is just two wins from a Super Bowl berth. First they will need to beat the Cowboys on Saturday in the divisional round of the playoffs.

“This is my first chance at winning a title and here I am working with arguably the best D-line in the NFL so that is a plus,” Franklin-Myers said. “This is the best case scenario.”

Being from Texas, Franklin-Myers knows all to well about the Cowboys. Almost all of his friends support the blue and silver. It is no surprise, he played high school football about an hour away from AT&T Stadium. What is a surprise is to find out he is not a big fan of America’s team.

“I never really cared for them,” Franklin-Myers said. “I know that is a surprise to many. I do have a lot of friends that like them back home so i guess you can say it is a coincidence that we play the Cowboys. All my friends are trying to talk to me and tell me what is going to happen. I play for the Rams so I will beat up whoever is on the schedule next.”

If the Rams can make it to the Super Bowl, the story of John Franklin-Myers rise to champion could be one that has a chance to be turned into an inspirational movie. While he is tough, Franklin-Myers likes a good comedy so he has an idea on who could play his role.

“I would have to say Tracy Morgan,” Franklin-Myers said. “I just like him because he is funny. We have to win two more games before we start talking about the Super Bowl.”

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