Wells construction project raises concerns for local businesses

Wells construction project raises concerns for local businesses

WELLS, TX (KTRE) -Now that crews are widening lanes on Highway 69 in Wells and traffic has been moved on the southbound lanes, it has been quite the challenge for residents traveling to work.

“Some of my coworkers when they are leaving here, and they are trying to go that way they are confused at which side of the road to turn on you know they are afraid of being on the wrong side of the road,” said Keagan French.

French works at the Brookshire Brothers gas station alongside Highway 69.

He says despite the construction, they have been pretty steady.

But that’s not the case for Sarah Howard, who works at the Brookshire Brothers Polk location.

“Once they changed the sides it slowed traffic coming into the store until people got around and got used to it,” said Howard.

Wells Independent School District is located alongside the construction, which is something Howard says is a safety concern for her.

“The ball game is at night and you worry about the kids you know because we need more light,” said Howard.

The Department of Transportation said the current two-lane roadway through Wells will become a four -lane divided curb and gutter section with a continues left turn lane.

“When the roads get finished I believe it is going to pick the economy up because it is going to be easier to get in and out and it will make travel a lot better,” said Howard.

The $17.6 million-dollar construction project is expected to be fished next fall.

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