Lufkin city leaders prepare for Census 2020

Lufkin city leaders prepare for Census 2020

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Officials nationwide and in East Texas are gearing up for Census 2020.

Leaders in Lufkin have formed a committee and are making plans to make sure everyone is accounted for next year.

Ino Reyes has volunteered his time to educate his community on taking part in the census for more than three decades.

“Especially Hispanics. Most of the time they always talk about being under-counted, and so we try to promote don’t be afraid; know the facts,” Reyes said.

Reyes said many times in the past, there has been hesitation in taking part in the census from the Hispanic community.

“Obstacle I guess for the Hispanics, they don’t want the government to intrude in their businesses, you know, and there’s quite a few that we know they’re not legal,” Reyes said. “The first thing I know is, ‘OK, if I do the census is am I going to get deported? Am I going to get in trouble? are they going to know?’ and that’s not the case.”

Dorothy Wilson is with the City of Lufkin’s Census 2020 committee. Leading up to Census 2020, the committee’s tasks is make sure all efforts are made to have an accurate count of people. As a result, volunteers are needed to talk to people in the community and debunk any possible myths associated the census.

“There is no retribution, no risk, when you do the census. The census can’t reveal where you live. Once the census is completed the records are destroyed that directly connect you to that property,” Wilson said.

The greater Lufkin census will pool together numbers from Hudson, Central, and of course, Lufkin. Those numbers will later help create more funding opportunities or even program tailored for this area.

“(They will have an) opportunity to go online on the internet and the kiosks around the community and that’s the first way of responding that the census wants people to do,” Wilson said.

Additional methods next year include filling out the census form via phone or through mail.

If you would like to volunteer, please call the City of Lufkin at (936) 634-8881.

Census day is in April 2020.

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