Volunteers needed for Hospice in the Pines

Volunteers needed for Hospice in the Pines

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After retiring in 2010, Brenda Stockman began volunteering for Hospice in the Pines.

"My mom was in hospice care in 1990 and it was such a blessing to our family that we were able to keep my mom at home,” said Stockman.

Stockman volunteers every Monday at the Joe W. Elliott House and assists with clerical duties and care for patients and families.

"The family sometimes they get burned out they need a break away from staying in that house 24/7,” said Stockman.

All hospice providers are required to have volunteer hours, which helps them operate as a non-profit organization, according to Bereavement Volunteer Coordinator Shanna Averett.

"We have to take the overall total amount of hours that our employees have and then we have to have at least 5 percent every year from the volunteer hours to match that and that’s how we end up getting grants,” said Averett.

Averett said often times there is a negative stigma of hospice, but volunteers get to see firsthand why it's important.

"When people actually get in, they start doing in it they build those relationships and they see the amount of work they are able to do and how it truly affects these families that goes away almost instantaneously,” said Averett.

For Stockman, she said the most rewarding part for her is knowing that she plays a role in enhancing the quality of life for patients.

"You build a bond because you are there with that patient one on one and you get a chance to bond with them in the respect that you can talk to them and take their mind off their troubles for a little while,” said Stockman.

For anyone would like to volunteer with Hospice in the Pines, you may click here for more information.

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