Trainers helping Nacogdoches man regain walking ability

Immediate goal to move freely within his house

Trainers helping Nacogdoches man regain walking ability

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - With determination in his eyes, Courtney Allen gives a confident thumbs up as he starts his training.

Trainers helping Nacogdoches man regain walking ability

“We’re trying to regain my mobility because of the accident I was in,” Allen said.

The accident was a collision with an 18-wheeler that left him hospitalized and unable to walk for more than two years.

“My pelvis was crushed. My right leg was almost amputated, too. I had a compound fracture; my shin and my leg was almost basically cut off at the knee so …pretty bad stuff,” Allen said.

Now, he’s at a gym in Lufkin, doing physical therapy five times a week. He’s been at it for almost two years in the hope of being able to walk again one day.

“I have not stood on my own without holding something for four years," Allen said. “Standing is big part of it and putting weight on my legs."

“We use things like strength training, work on flexibility, stability, things like that,” said trainer Pete Werner.

Werner is one of Allen’s trainers. He says the immediate goal is to improve Allen’s ability to move within his house, stand up from a chair, walk into the kitchen, and other things he needs assistance doing today.

“He’s able to support himself much better, lift heavier weight, things like that," Werner said. "He’s gained a lot of flexibility, and with that comes, more mobility.”

Werner said Allen stays motivated during therapy and that sessions are productive, but it’s still a challenge.

“I sometimes don’t see the progress I’m making, but people have given me good positive support,” Allen said.

"Watching him struggle for the last four years to do what he’s done has been a challenge for all of us, but he has met the challenge, and he continues to meet the challenge,” said his mother Donna Allen.

Allen’s therapists say they don’t know for sure when he will regain full mobility, but they say he’s made great improvement and should be able to live at home without home care providers before long.

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