Astronomers say total lunar eclipse should not be missed

Last ‘super blood wolf moon’ until 2022

Astronomers say total lunar eclipse should not be missed

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A total lunar eclipse will be occurring on Sunday night. What astronomers call a ‘super blood wolf moon’ will be visible to those in the U.S. from about 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

“This eclipse that we’re having on Sunday is a really good one,” said Stephen F. Austin Planetarium Director Edward Michaels.

“This one happens in winter, so that places the moon really high in the sky, and also it’s happening when the moon especially close to us.”

SFA astronomy professor Dr. Norman Markworth described how this happens.

Astronomers say total lunar eclipse should not be missed

“A lunar eclipse is caused by the shadow of the earth,” Markworth said. “We’re going to be moving into Earth’s shadow with the moon. The sun, earth, and moon have to be exactly lined up, and of course the earth, being a dark body, casts a shadow back into space and the moon is sliding through that shadow.”

He also described where the name comes from.

“The full moon that occurs in the month of January is typically called the wolf moon,” Markworth said. “This is when the wolves are out looking for food and they’re howling at night and people hear them. It will be a super moon in that the moon will be a little bit closer to earth than is normal, so it will be bigger and therefore a little bit brighter.”

Astronomers say this will be the last total lunar eclipse that will be visible from the United States until 2022.

“It’s gonna be a couple of years before we see another one and we actually have not had a good one like this since 2015,” Michaels said. “So it’s not something you want to miss.”

Astronomers say you don’t need anything special to view this event. Just take a step outside and the eclipse should be fully visible.

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