Lufkin Middle School students learn entrepreneurship, financial readiness skills

Lufkin Middle School students learn entrepreneurship, financial readiness skills

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Sixth graders at Lufkin Middle School are taking part in a new program.

It’s called Generation A, a youth mentorship program for sixth- to 12th-grade students.

“It’s really important to learn about money when you’re in a business. I mean, you can’t go into a business and not know about it,” said Lynn Smith, a sixth grader. She is explaining what she knows so far about the ins and out of running a business.

The program has two companies at the school - one is a candy company where Smith is the marketing director.

“So I market, of course, and so we make fliers to let people know about the candy that we’re selling it ... there’s not really a way to make money if people don’t know about the product you’re selling,” Smith said.

Generation A takes 23 teaches middle schoolers and teaches them money investment skills and entrepreneurial skills. The group of students are banded together until graduation as they learn the various skills.

Leaders said the program is designed to help young kids in the sixth-grade learn about money management in efforts to eventually climb out of generational poverty.

“We’re trying to start as early as possible so that we can transition from generational poverty to to generational wealth,” said Joe Ceasar, founder and executive director of Legacy Institute of Financial Education.

“Having dealt with college students and having dealt with adults we figured that the earlier we reach the students the less likely to make some of the mistakes that they made,” he said.

Joe Ceasar and LIFE President Allanah Ceasar are the ones behind the creation of the program.

“It’s important for these kids to know and be able to know what options are open to them as far as entrepreneurship goes and trading and investing goes so that they just don’t have one track mind as far as career development,” Allanah said.

As for the students in the classroom, they said they’re learning about using money wisely.

“I learned about how to take care of your money and how not to spend it so fast and I’ve learned how to persuade people to buy your stuff,” said Brandon Thomas, a sixth-grade student.

The program’s mission is to inspire and empower economically disadvantaged, at-risk students to achieve college and career readiness through mentorship.

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