ACSO permitted to apply for grant to purchase body cameras

ACSO permitted to apply for grant to purchase body cameras

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Angelina County Commissioners gave the green light for the sheriff’s department to apply for a grant for body cameras at Tuesday’s meeting.

“You have to keep up the times. And I think that with body cameras and everything it just helps the department,” said Jeff Taylor, with the professional standards department.

ACSO said they consulted with local law enforcement agencies in the county to garner feedback from the community on body cameras.

“It gives you a true unbiased opinion of what actually is taking place,” Taylor said.

The sheriff’s office will take the next step to apply for a grant for body cameras at the Governor’s Office.

“Body cameras something we’ve been waiting on because of the system we were using, we needed to have a system that would integrate together and it would also download at the same time that the officers are pulling into the parking lot with car cameras,” said Sheriff Greg Sanches, Angelina County.

The department is also in the process of establishing policies to put in place once those cameras arrive, a requirement from legislators two sessions ago.

“You have to develop policies and guidelines to when the recording are used and also the release of such footage. You have to have guidelines for that,” Taylor said.

The sheriff’s department said they have to fill out the grant application by end of February.

“Cameras have gotten much better as far as the quality, and durability and so much comfortable purchasing something that will benefit the officer and also this responsible when we spend the money for the county as well,” Sanches said.

The proposed grant will cost almost $50,000 to purchase 35 body cameras.

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