Lufkin community leaders and members honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Lufkin community leaders and members honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -27 years ago, Carolyn Brooks sister Linda Pendlend started the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. March in Lufkin.

“She wanted to fight for the under person, she wanted to fight for justice and rights and this is important for her the Martin Luther King March has showed that there is justice to be done and someone has to do it,” said Brooks, participant.

The walk began at Homer Garrison Federal Building to Dunbar Primary School with city officials, families, and activists, who feel that more progress must be made for racial equality and justice.

“There are still some people who step out of the shadows when you think you’ve made progress and you go why are they talking that way, why are they acting that way, why are they criticizing and trying to make a difference,” said Dr. Patricia McKenzie, Community Activist.

“Everybody matters you know the line of hate needs to stop, we all need to come together for one cause, we’re all one race, we’re the human race it’s not black it’s not white,” said Amber Williams, participant.

But some have seen change.

“We go to school together and it’s not you know separate, you know how with white people and black people,” said Cece Rodgers, participant.

“So, everything that we’ve tried to do here in the community I think it has been successful and I think it takes teamwork,” said Brooks.

While there is still more work to be done, community activists say they will continue to work together as a whole to make their community a better a place.

“So, we’ll keep moving and marching and letting people know that there is a dream of a better time and we want everybody on board just not just a few people because if I don’t take you with me then I have misinterpreted the dream,” said McKenzie.

An “All Dreams Matter” program was held following the march at Dunbar Primary School and “Hall of Honor” inductees were honored.

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