Mahomes Pro Bowl Ready

Mahomes Pro Bowl Ready

(KLTV) - A breakout season with 50 touchdowns and over 5000 yards has landed Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes in the Pro Bowl.

The other option was the Super Bowl, however New England would need overtime and a patented Tom Brady drive to beat to spoil Mahomes Super Bowl dream.

But make no mistake about it, Mahomes will be a fixture in many future big games. And a handful of Pro Bowls, he’ll lead the AFC on Sunday, along with 4 of his Kansas City teammates.

He sat and soaked in the knowledge from Alex Smith, who would be traded to make way for Mahomes, The East Texan talked highly of his former teammate.

“I think the biggest thing I learned is how to be a pro, it’s so different coming from college to the NFL just how to manage your time. You have so much free time, where you have to be getting your work done and Alex is like the prime example of that,” Mahomes said. “How he’s able to schedule his time to get the most out of every single day. and I was blessed that he was such a good human being that he would tell me if he’s going to watch film he’d tell me if he was going to the weight room to work out, and it helped me make a plan for myself this last year I was prepared every single game, for every single situation.”

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