Battle tested Jacks looking to get momentum on their side

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VIDEO: Battle tested Jacks looking to get momentum on their side

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - When the season started approaching, SFA men’s basketball coach Kyle Keller had a different line up in mind.

Injuries happened and continued to happen. The team has played most the year with just Shannon Bogues and Kevon Harris being the only two planned starters for the team. They have seen moments of success from from their bench but every week seems to bring on distractions and injuries.

The team is just 10-8, well below expectations of the fans and alumni. Through the first 6 conference games, SFA is 3-3 although the argument could be made that the record could be 6-0 had a few calls and shots gone their way down the stretch.

Last Wednesday night the Jacks returned home to the Coliseum and the team was facing more injuries and distractions. Freshman Jock Hughes was out with a hand injury and missing from the team were Aaron Augustine and Karl Nicholas. It has since been confirmed that the two players are no longer part of the team although no reason has been given.

Head Coach Kyle Keller told the team before the must-win game to play like they were desperate. It did not show much in the first half. In fact the team trailed for the majority of the game but the in the final two minutes the pressure started building on Abilene Christian to close out the game. They could not. In what was described by coach as a ‘God thing’, the Jacks came back and scored 7 points in the final 28 seconds of the game to take a 61-60 victory.

With a week of rest and practice the team now looks to beat Central Arkansas Wednesday night at 6:30 pm. The Jacks are 7-3 at home on the season so that works well in their favor but the team will need to continue to grow with the parts they have and realize this is the team they have if they want to make it far into March.

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