First person arrested in Nacogdoches nightclub shooting is victim’s cousin


NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - An arrest has been made in a deadly November shooting outside of a Nacogdoches nightclub.

Lyric Polley, 21, a mother of two, died in the shooting. Her family says the suspect they arrested is her step cousin, 19-year-old Johnathan Wilson.

Lyric's family says they are taking things day by day.

Pictures of Polley are displayed at her mother’s home while Polley’s two small children, 1-year old Cason and 10-month old Karter, play.

It's a new normal for their grandmother and guardian, Sherry Wilson. She didn't want to be interviewed for this story.

Her niece, Lakeshia Robinson knows why.

"She has a hard time every day."

Robinson helps often, but she too has terrible memories.

She was at the nightclub, The Empire, with Lyric.

"Everybody was just shooting at everybody," recalled Robinson.

Then she learned a woman had been shot and killed.

“I was walking closer to the scene to see who it was. And I noticed her boots on the ground,” recalled Robinson.

One of the alleged shooters is Lyric's step cousin, Johnathan Wilson. Robinson said the 19-year old faced Lyric's parents afterwards.

"He came and talked to them and told them after it happened that he was down there and what happened,” shared Robinson, who says she was at the meeting.

Robinson says it’s unclear if Wilson fired the fatal shot.

“We know that it was a lot of people shooting that night, you know. You just can't pinpoint and blame it on one person."

Robinson says the arrest within the family hasn’t caused any ill feelings. “Johnathan’s mother comes in to check on Sherry,” she said.

Robinson says some people try. Painful rumors appear on Facebook pages.

"You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that's been told," she shared.

The posts prompt Robinson to temporarily deactivate her account and says they send Lyric's mother into deep grief. Her plea to others is, "If you knew something that happened that night and if you really cared about them that you would go down there and tell the police."

Detectives are actively working to identify more suspects in this case.

Meanwhile, the family and Lyric's friends help with the children when they can.

Karter resembles Lyric the most. She will only know what she's told about her mother.

Lyric was a singer. Robinson says on Jan. 28 Lyric was scheduled to make a third appearance for an American Idol audition.

Grandparents will tell the children about their mother's dreams of stardom.

"They [The children] give them energy to know they got to keep pushing and continue to go on because they know that they have to look out for them. "

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