Huntington Superintendent clarifies baseball practice incident

Huntington Superintendent clarifies baseball practice incident

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Huntington ISD is clarifying an incident involving a baseball practice on Thursday, just hours after an announcement was made that the district was suspending all baseball activities for the time being after an investigation was launched into alleged incidents in the baseball locker room involving hazing.

According to Superintendent David Flowers, he was notified Thursday afternoon that several baseball players were practicing at the elementary school.

“I took the call seriously and went over there,” Flowers stated in a phone call. “When I got there the players were on the youth field next to the elementary campus. There were no coaches with them. I went up and I told them I appreciated their work ethic but they knew the rules that there was to be no practice on school property.”

Flowers said he believed that the players thought the field belonged to the youth baseball league and they would be okay. The one field the kids were on actually belongs to the school district and was at one time used for their baseball team before the current field was built at the high school.

Flowers said the players apologized and immediately left.

The school released this statement on Facebook:

No baseball practice was conducted or approved by HISD tonight. Several players were observed throwing and catching at the elementary field and asked to vacate school property by the Superintendent. While we respect and appreciate our student-athletes’ desire to work out on their own, we still must take every measure to uphold decisions and safeguards at this time for the safety of our students.
Huntington ISD

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