Lufkin’s Kenny Houston reflects on growth of professional football

Lufkin’s Kenny Houston reflects on growth of professional football
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ATLANTA, GA (KTRE) - Football fans from all over have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the all-time greats all around the festivites of Super Bowl 53.

One of those men would be Kenny Houston. Proud Alum of Dunbar high, Houston went on to Prarie View A&m University where he bacame an All-American linebacker.

Houston made a career with the Houston Oilers in the AFL and then with the Washington Redskins before being enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This year he will be honored in the Texas High School Hall of Fame, showing it might of been harder to be recognized in Texas then by the nation.

“I tell you how abundant talent is [in Texas]," Houston said. "I am from Lufkin and I am just getting put into the High School Hall of Fame. When you look at East Texas, you are talking about from Lufkin to Longview. I went to the playoffs this year and they had that stadium in Dallas full the whole time.”

Houston played in an era early in his career with the AFL reaching out to black colleges to sign players.

“It was very interesting because the NFL was a closed league especially for small black colleges. There were a few but when Lamar Hunt came in the game was wide open and it was unbelievable how many players came out. ”

He also played in an era early on of his career where there were no Super Bowls it was just NFL championships and he has seen it grow significantly.

“When I went to my first Super Bowl Kansas City played Minnasota, I had two additional tickets in my pocket I could not give away.”

I’m sure that would not be a problem now.

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