Dozens of East Texans heading to county elections offices showing proof of citizenship

Dozens of East Texans heading to county elections offices showing proof of citizenship

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Dozens of East Texans have been stopping by county elections offices this week to prove their citizenship.

This all began last week after, the Texas Secretary of State issued an advisory to county voter registrars.

That advisory said that the Department of Public Safety found the names of 95,000 non-U.S citizens with matching voter registration record in Texas.

Now, more than 25,000 names have been removed from that list, with dozens more being removed daily.

County elections offices mailed the letter last Thursday telling recipients they must prove their citizenship within 30 days or lose their voting privileges.

The Texas Secretary of State notified 297 names in Smith County. In turn, the Smith County verified 58 names and removed them before sending the letters. They sent out 239 last Thursday.

In Angelina, letters were mailed to 60 to 70 people, but they were notified of 96 names.

In Gregg County, 99 letters were sent and Gregg County Elections Administration Office said “about a handful” of of people have shown up and proven their U.S. citizenship as of Monday.

But the names of several hundred people on the list last week are no longer there.

Elections Administrators in nearly every county said they’ve seen at least half a dozen people providing proof of citizenship.

Liliana Ayala said she received the letter last week and is concerned her naturalization status is being questioned.

“I don’t know. I’ve never received something like this before. We came to vote, everything was fine. They didn’t ask anything and then all of sudden we get a card in the mail, and it’s honestly kind of scary,” Ayala said.

The form letter states that the recipient has 30 days to provide proof of citizenship. On Monday, we learned from election administrators that this citizenship check will now be routine.

Voter Registration could be cancelled if those those who receive a letter from their county elections office do not provide proof of citizenship.

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