High water levels cause delays in repairs on Highway 103 bridge

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NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - High water levels are causing delays in repairing the State Highway 103 bridge in Nacogdoches County.

High water levels cause delays in repairs on Highway 103 bridge

Thousands of Facebook users shared a post in January showing the impact erosion had on the bridge. However, a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) spokesperson said it looked worse than it really was. While TxDOT crews were expected to repair the erosion to calm concern, rising water levels in the Sam Rayburn Reservoir have kept crews away.

“We’re waiting on those water levels to recede so we can get under the bridge and look at it a little bit closer and probably inspect it some more,” said Rhonda Oaks, TxDOT spokesperson. “We do have plans, we are looking at several different options on the ends of the bridges where we do have some erosion to repair.”

Oaks said despite the erosion, the Highway 103 and Highway 147 bridges are safe to travel over, and TxDOT has seen no reason to close them.

“The bridges are safe, we just encourage motorists to slow down on these wet roads. When this water recedes and dries a little bit, we’ll be getting in there and we’ll start making repairs in the areas of the erosion and the areas of the roadway where it’s washed out,” Oaks explained.

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The Highway 103 bridge spans several Deep East Texas counties and covers several bodies of water for long stretches. For that reason, Oaks has said TxDOT crews carry out routine maintenance on the 103 bridge and similar bridges in the area to ensure the safety of drivers.

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