African-American Alzheimer’s Alliance, Impact Lufkin co-host Alzheimer’s forum

African-American Alzheimer’s Alliance, Impact Lufkin co-host Alzheimer’s forum

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -Dozens of community members and families impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease, which destroys memory and other mental functions, filled the room to learn about the disease.

“My grandfather had dementia and my grandmother currently has Alzheimer’s and she’s had it for several years now. It progressively gets worse," said attendee Sabrina Guerrero.

“Initially when I started taking care of my mom, I knew she had dementia but didn’t know the essence of it,” SAID Brenda Gaston, attendee.

Demetress Harrell, founder of the African American Alzheimer’s Alliance discussed topics such as risk factors, how to be proactive, healthy nutrition and new research to help aid in the disease.

“You know I think we don’t see signs and symptoms until it’s too late, so we are hoping that this will be a way to put a visual image because people ask what some of the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s are, we’ve heard about it, we’ve seen it with other people, but we have not experienced it. So, we want to make sure that we provide information before they experience it, so that they know what to do in the steps to heal that broken heart,” said Harrell.

Those in attendance say having forums such as these helps them realize that they are not alone, and efforts are being made to help their loved ones.

“I hope they are successful in doing that because Alzheimer’s doesn’t care about age or race or socio-economic status. I hope that they are able to get the word out to everybody because it affects everybody,” said Guerrero.

“Through fundraising activities, through our walks in the Alzheimer’s Association, we are finding that there is new technology, there are new enhancements, there is new information and new education,” said Harrell.

The African-American Alzheimers Alliance meets every second Wednesday of the month.

For Information or interest contact: Michelle Lockhart – Outreach Coordinator (936) 632-1514 or email:

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