Huntington ISD baseball program not reinstated, pending further investigation

Board of Trustees releases statement

Huntington ISD baseball program not reinstated, pending further investigation

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - The baseball program at Huntington ISD is still on pause while allegations of hazing and possible assault continues to be investigated.

The board of trustees released the following statement on Thursday night:

"The Huntingon ISD Board of Trustees appreciates the community’s concern for our baseball program. We have been briefed by our superintendent and can confirm that the HISD administration is continuing to work diligently to resolve the safety issues prompting suspension of the baseball program.

Until such time as all allegations have been fully examined, including assessment of both student discipline infractions and personnel responsibilities, reinstatement of the program will not occur.

We expect a full accounting by next week, and to the extent allowed by law, we will share all measures being taken to prevent recurrence and ensure a safe learning environment for students in both the academic and extracurricular arenas."

When we spoke to Huntington ISD Superintendent David Flowers in late January, he said he had made the decision to suspend baseball practice while the district completes their investigation into allegations of “locker room hazing, initiation, and bullying.”

“On Thursday, January 24, 2019, the Huntington High School principal was made aware of allegations of inappropriate contact, including hazing and possible assault, among various members of the HISD baseball team,” Flowers said in a statement. “An investigation was immediately commenced and remedial measures put in place to ensure the safety of all HISD students, including removing alleged offenders from campus and suspension of all baseball team activities until the investigation is complete.”

Flowers said that the school district contact law enforcement on Jan. 25 after its leadership determined that a possible criminal offense had occurred.

Flowers said the safety of their students is the district’s No. 1 concern. He said they will not putting athletes in locker rooms and on the field until the district knows what exactly they are dealing with.

“The district has been cooperating fully with their review and will continue to collaborate until the investigation is complete,” Flowers said in the statement. “Huntington ISD takes these allegations extremely seriously and considers student safety its first priority in both the academic and extracurricular arenas.”

The school will handle any warranted disciplinary action while law enforcement will reportedly deal with any criminal action.

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