Texas chief deputy: ‘Horrible, horrific scene’ where family gunned down at home

One victim was a 15-month-old girl

Polk County press conference

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after five people were found dead in a home.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, at about 10:32 a.m. on Monday, they responded to the 3600 block of FM 3126 in the Blanchard community in response to a call reporting multiple victims of an assault.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office investigating shooting after 5 found dead at home

At a press conference Monday night, Chief Deputy Byron Lyons with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office released the names of the people who were found dead at the home. They include Linda Delaney, 72, Carlos Delaney, 74, Rainley Horn, 15 months, Ashley Delaney, 27, and Randy Horn, 54.

Lyons explained that Linda and Carlos Delaney were a couple and that Ashley Delaney was their granddaughter. Rainley Horn was their great-granddaughter.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office releases names of 5 people found dead after shooting incident

During the press conference, Lyons said that three people were found dead outside the home. Randy Horn and Carlos Delaney were found inside the home. He added that the person who called a relative and asked that person to call 911 is Ashley Delaney’s mother. She hid in a closet until the ordeal was over, Lyons said.

Lyons said the woman who survived the shooting incident is being questioned, so authorities can get an idea of when everything happened on the timeline. He also said the woman is not being questioned as a suspect.

The bodies have been transported to Jefferson County, where autopsies will be performed, Lyons said.

“At this point in time, we don’t want to say we’re working it as a murder-suicide,” Lyons said. “We really want the ME’s office to look at all the evidence that has been gathered to be able to make a determination. I don’t want to be premature by calling it one thing and having to retract it later.”

In response to a media question, Lyons said PCSO detectives are investigating Facebook posts and speaking to family members. They’re also going to be talking to law enforcement at other locations.

“Our investigation is in no way complete,” Lyons said.

However, Lyons also said, at this time, they are not looking for a suspect in the shooting incident.

Lyons said that it was a rough day for law enforcement officers and EMS personnel.

“This was a horrible. horrific scene,” Lyons said. “This was a horrible, horrific crime. What I would ask is that this community pray for this family.”

The chief deputy also urged people to pray for the law enforcement officers and EMS personnel who responded to the scene.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Texas Highway Department of Public Safety troopers, and EMS personnel responded to the scene. When they arrived they found multiple victims with apparent gunshot wounds. At this time, the sheriff’s office confirmed five people were found dead at the scene.

The sheriff’s office along with the Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting.

The initial post on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page stated, “The scene is extremely fluid making it difficult to release information.”

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