County commissioners to apply for grant to support Etoile Water Supply Corp.

‘It’s all about good, potable water’, said Greg Sowell, Nacogdoches County judge

County commissioners to apply for grant to support Etoile Water Supply Corp.
(Source: Pixabay)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches County Commissioners Court has approved a resolution in support of applying for a community development grant from the Department of Agriculture on behalf of the Etoile Water Supply Corporation.

Nacogdoches County applied for the grant two years but subsequently did not receive it, so the county approved a resolution to re-apply for the grant in 2019.

After passing the resolution, the county entered into an intergovernmental agreement to work with Etoile Water Supply Corporation on how best to apply the funds if the grant was approved.

“This could be the upwards of $275,000 for some rehabilitation work to the Etoile Water Supply Corporation that is very needed ‚” said Greg Sowell, Nacogdoches County judge. “And this, of course, doesn’t cost the county any money whatsoever other than the oversight of getting the money to them and being the vehicle, if you will, to get the money between the money between the Department of Agriculture and the water supply corporation.”

The grant money would help the water supply corporation in ways it would not be able to otherwise, especially concerning the improvement of its aging infrastructure.

“It’s for the good of everyone on that end of the county that drinks water,” said Sowell. “It’s all about having good potable water, and this will certainly enhance their ability to produce that.”

He added, “any time we can do anything, you know, to help another entity progress -- it’s for the good of the citizens of this county -- we want to be there, and that’s what we’re doing here today.”

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