Groups find common bond where major highways meet, create 21/7 Association

Groups find common bond where major highways meet, create 21/7 Association
Several East Texas groups, churches, businesses, and agencies are joining together to find ways to better serve their community, and they call themselves the 21/7 Association. (Source: Courtesy: Reporter Donna McCollum)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Several East Texas groups are finding commonality between themselves, and not far from home: several churches, nonprofits, and other business and agencies have started a group they call the 21/7 Association.

The name comes from where the groups work or live, near the intersections of East Highway 21 and East Highway 7 in Nacogdoches.

“It would be very helpful to get people together so we might find out what the needs are in the neighborhood and maybe address them,” said Nancy Niehaus, representative with Helping Other People Eat (HOPE).

Niehaus said right now, many of the members are built up of business and agencies from Nacogdoches, but the group hopes residents will eventually fill the ranks.

“I hope that we might have a combined study on outreach, or on transportation issues,” said Niehaus. “What I’ve seen in the past when I worked in Oklahoma, when a group worked together with citizens and agencies, many times one agency has an asset that another citizen or agency may can use, and what you have is a synergistic effect.”

Lenola Wyatt, project coordinator for SFA’s Nacogdoches County Community Collaborative, said the project gives members of the community the ability to take charge of their community.

“We’re realizing that by multiplying impact through collaboration, we can go greater, we can make a whole lot of different doing that,” Wyatt added. “The residents, they live here. If we can empower them and give them that power to know that you can make a difference, that your voice is very important here.”

21/7 Association met for the first time Wednesday at noon. If you’d like to learn more about 21/7 Association, or if you’re considering joining the association, you can contact Nancy Niehaus by calling (936) 715-0665 for more information.

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