Preservation efforts being made for Mary Allen Seminary

Preservation efforts being made for Mary Allen Seminary

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) -A four-story brick structure building standing on the crest of a hill one mile north of the town square in Crockett stands Mary Allen Seminary.

But due to years of neglect, weather damage and fire devastation, the Mary Allen Museum of African American Art History is picking up the pieces to restore the school and the principles it was founded on.

“One we are looking to sell bricks, in addition we are looking to donate bricks to like the gazebo the mayor is looking to do in the city, so there will be a presence there we are looking to form a prayer garden,” said Dr. Thelma J. Douglass, President of the Mary Allen Museum of African American Arts and History, Inc.

In 2014, Mary Allen Seminary was listed on the national register of historic places.

Since then, Dr. Douglass, board members and city officials have made efforts to honor alumni of the college.

“The wall of honor is for any person faculty, staff or student that has been involved with the program in any kind of a way of the Mary Allen college and once they have said yes we were a part of that we want to recognize the year they graduated, the year they were here as a faculty staff or student,” said Allen.

“On top of College Hill up there it’s beautiful and it just has soo much significance for our city and county because you know Houston County is the first county, so when people come this is something they can look at,” said Joni Klonts, Mayor of Crockett.

With many challenges and years of hard work to help restore Mary Allen Seminary, Dr. Douglas says they are thankful for the support of the city to help educate everyone about the impact Mary Allen seminary had in the community.

“It’s the vision, the vison for this particular city we want to incorporate and include and add to educational knowledge and by them coming and hearing about the history knowing that this is Black History Month this will be great for them to gain insight and information concerning something that’s so historical,” said Dr. Douglass.

The Mary Allen Museum of African American Arts History will host its Second Annual Founders Day celebration on Saturday, February 16th at Good Shepherd Fellowship Church in Crockett at 1 pm.

Mary Allen Seminary Alumnus Speaker Johnnie Mae Dale-Thompson will be recognized

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