Robocall blocking app may intercept important calls

Robocall blocking app may intercept important calls

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin realtor Heather Buchanan wanted to do something about the spam calls she gets in a day.

By now she, like many others, has probably received a robocall, those recorded messages from a political party or telemarketing company.

The National Do Not Call registry is supposed to limit those prerecorded calls, but that registry does not function when there is a government shutdown.

“I was just getting so many spam calls and robocalls and I saw the story on GMA that said ‘hey, this is a way you can filter a million robocalls,’” Buchanan said.

But Buchanan uses her personal phone for her business.

“As a realtor, I need the real calls to come through for our livelihood. We don’t need it wasted, our time wasted with the calls that are not clients,” Buchanan said.

So she found and downloaded an app named Robokiller that answers unknown callers with recordings. Within minutes, the app had already blocked two spam calls.

“'We’re sorry you have reached a number that is no longer in service.' You can set it to that one. One of the reviews I had read said once that answered it seems that they all stop calling or most of them stop calling,” Buchanan said.

But beware; Buchanan said there is a potential for missing calls from clients. The Robokiller app intercepts calls from any number not saved in your contacts.

The Federal Trade Commission said the number of spam calls has increased significantly because internet-powered phone systems which have made it cheap and easy for scammers.

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