East Texas smokehouse creates ‘bacon bouquet’ for Valentine’s Day

East Texas smokehouse creates ‘bacon bouquet’ for Valentine’s Day

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Everyone is always on the lookout for something different on Valentine’s Day, including retailers. Bear Creek Smokehouse thinks it’s come up with a winner: A Bacon Bouquet.

Bear Creek Smokehouse is known for their smoked meats, and when Stacia mentioned seeing bacon roses online to her husband Hunter Shoults, well that just seemed like a natural fit.

“Sounds like a golden ticket to me. No, that’s awesome you can’t beat giving a rose that’s made out of bacon,” Hunter smiled.

“We have the world’s best bacon and no one is trying to give a man a Valentine’s Day gift. So we thought we’d put those things together, and to our surprise half of the orders we’ve gotten are actually for women,” Stacia said.

Well, women like chocolate, and meat too, and everyone knows bacon is the chocolate of meats. They make their own bacon after they:

“Get the fresh bellies in and my husband does his magic to them and smokes them and then slices them, and we send it out all over the country,” Stacia said.

Well, not all of it. Some is sold at the store or opened up, rolled and cooked.

“And then we chill it after that, and then we actually apply it to the stem,” Hunter said.

The idea for the bacon bouquet is recent.

“You know, we’re last minute on everything. It came up about last week,” Hunter revealed.

Bacon Bouquet orders really started sizzling after a Facebook post.

“They blew us out of the water. We weren’t expecting it. So I feel like tonight we’ll all be rolling bacon up probably throughout the night to get it all done,” Stacia said.

“I understand a cardiologist from Houston has placed an order,” I said to Hunter.

“Yes, so these bacon roses are cardiologist approved,” Hunter said.

They have stopped taking advance orders for their roses on Valentine’s Day, but:

“Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day,” I offered.

“They’re not. There’s always birthdays, anniversaries, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,” Stacia said.

So keep that in mind, and remember to take time to stop and smell the bacon.

Bear Creek Smokehouse is on Highway 154 about six miles southwest of Marshall. It’s important to take note of that since they don’t ship or deliver their new bacon bouquets. They will have a few available at the store on Valentine’s Day, but they’ll probably go pretty fast.

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