Airbnb, other short-term renters required to pay Nacogdoches hotel occupancy tax

Airbnb, other short-term renters required to pay Nacogdoches hotel occupancy tax

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Airbnb and other short-term renters in Nacogdoches will soon be subjected to the city’s hotel occupancy tax (HOT).

Beginning March 1, owners will be required to pay a 7 percent local hotel occupancy tax (HOT) on top of the required state taxes. This is something new for many Airbnbs in Nacogdoches, many of which have operated in the city since 2010.

“I chose to make one of my units an Airbnb for consistent, somewhat consistent. income”, said Mary Mocniak, the owner of My Blue Heaven in Nacogdoches. “As far as the paperwork I received, I knew it was coming eventually.”

Many renters are already required to pay a 6 percent state tax. A spokesperson with the Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) said the reaction from short-term renters who were not already paying the 7 percent local HOT was to be expected.

“Leading up to this, they’ve only asked us to have a heads-up and to be informed,” said Sherry Chaney Morgan, executive director of CVB. “They knew it was coming, it was just a matter of a ‘when’ not an ‘if'. And that’s just how new things grow, that’s how that process looks.”

The Hotel Occupancy Tax’s usage is governed by the state’s attorney general’s office, and they’re restricted funds that can only be used for marketing, preservation of history, or promotion of the arts in the community, Morgan explained. That means the more money in the coffers, the more media buys the city can make to promote tourism in Nacogdoches, which would bring more people in.

“In everything that we do to market Nacogdoches, the linchpin to all of that is our community partnerships,” said Morgan. “I don’t think any better partners exist outside of Nacogdoches. I mean, we’re just really blessed to have the support of this community to help bring tourists in.”

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