Lawmaker files bill to ban powdered alcohol in Texas

Lawmaker files bill to ban powdered alcohol in Texas

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A new bill filed by Texas State Representative Trent Ashby, R-Lufkin, aims to ban powdered alcohol, or palcohol, in Texas.

In an email Monday, Ashby said House Bill 1610 “simply prohibits powdered alcohol from being manufactured, imported, and sold in the state of Texas. If someone really wanted to consume powdered alcohol they could still make it at home for personal use - the bill does not classify this as an illegal drug in the Penal Code.”

Sharon Kruk, the executive director of The Coalition in Lufkin, said the agency has been working for years to educate people about powdered alcohol and the possibility of it being available in Texas.

Kruk said the product is especially dangerous for teenagers and young adults.

“It can be over consumed very easily. You can add powdered alcohol to an existing alcoholic beverage and all of a sudden you’ve got alcohol-poisoning levels within your drink and you have no idea,” she said. “The possibility for misusing this product is enormous because you really have no idea how much of an alcohol content you have in that powder once you add it to a liquid. The risk of our teens and young people dying and over consuming this product is real."

Ashby agrees saying, “The product presents a public health concern for all Texans, but particularly for adolescents and teenagers. The product is much easier to carry and conceal than liquid alcohol, and therefore easier to abuse. While powdered alcohol is not sold anywhere in Texas currently, there are only a couple of manufacturers in the United States, and we’d prefer that they not expand their sales to Texas consumers. Nearly 40 states have permanently or temporarily banned the product, and several have pending legislation to ban it.”

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