Nacogdoches police chief finds fulfillment through wood work

Nacogdoches police chief finds fulfillment through wood work

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Many people in Nacogdoches are familiar with Police Chief Jim Sevey. But what many may not know is how he chooses to de-stress during his personal time from his day job in law enforcement for 38 years.

“I had to replace my off duty time and this was it,” Sevey said.

Since he was a young boy, Sevey has been creating pieces with his hands and over time, he turned his hobby into therapy, especially from the full-time job he has being a Police Chief in Nacogdoches.

"I use to bring work home with me, I mean emotionally and as well as physically and it's difficult to put it on a shelf and not think about it," Sevey said.

But to get to this point, he said it took him a while to learn how to de-stress,so he created his workshop, his oasis.

"I think about the construction or the finish or the whatever and it chases everything else out of your mind," Sevey said.

The beauty of his craftsmanship is the stories the wood brings to each piece. An example is the container he made for his wife is made from a tree found in Florida.

“It’s so unique looking and its special to me. It’s drying out, it was very sickly is why it fell, but it’s a piece of my son,” said Sherry Sevey.

He’s created an array of bowls, spoons, to scoopers, but Sevey said he often takes on heirloom projects which are found at Twigs and Tin in downtown Nacogdoches.

"I feel like that's our way to give back to showcase local artisans," said Rebecca Gall, store owner of Twigs and Tin.

Sevey said each project creates its own story.

Nacogdoches police chief finds fulfillment through wood work

"When I make something for somebody that's special they get a story with it. It's a written out story," Sevey said.

Ultimately for Sevey, it’s finding fulfillment through his work both on the streets and inside his Hill Country Woodworks Shop.

"The big payoff is when I hand that piece off and I see the emotional reaction from people that's what really gets you going. It impacts people's lives," Sevey said.

The police chief said when he retires, he plans to make his carpentry work full time. Much of his work is made from wood harvested in Texas.

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