SFA Spring Career Expo to offer students biggest chance yet for job opportunities

SFA Spring Career Expo to offer students biggest chance yet for job opportunities

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Stephen F. Austin State University students will have the opportunity to network with more than 70 companies during the SFA Spring Career and Internship Expo.

The Baker Pattillo Student Center Grand Ballroom will be packed with potential employers as more than 250 students are expected to begin their search of job and internship opportunities.

“Spring is always a big season for hiring. This is probably our biggest Spring Expo we’ve had in about 10 years," said Jamie Bouldin, director of the Center for Career and Professional Development at SFA. “We have 77 companies that will be represented. We actually had to open up a second room in the student center because we ran out of space in the grand ballroom, so that’s always a good problem to have, plenty of companies that are coming to recruit some Lumberjacks."

The Career & Internship Expo is open to all majors representing our six colleges: Liberal and Applied Arts, Business, Education, Fine Arts, Forestry and Agriculture and Sciences and Mathematics. Some of the more familiar names students can look for will be Dell and Mustang Cat, but Bouldin said there will be plenty of larger companies for students to be excited about networking with, many of which are located in the East Texas area.

“We’ve had a lot of companies who have come through for years,” said Bouldin. “Typically, this year we’ve seen about 50 percent of companies at career fairs that are returning, and about 50 percent who are new.”

All students are invited to attend Wednesday’s career fair, especially freshmen and sophomores, who may not be sure of their career path or who hires within their major.

“We also encourage them to attend [career fairs] early, because if they wait until the stakes are high, if they really need an internship or they really need a job, then that’s a lot of pressure for them,” Bouldin explained. “A lot of the companies will indicate they’re what we call ‘freshmen friendly’, so that they’re not only wanting to talk to juniors and seniors about their positions, but they’re also happy to talk to freshmen and sophomores who are kind of checking it out.”

Bouldin added that it’s a benefit to the student to return every year to potentially see the same recruiters from previous years; building relationships is almost as important, in Bouldin’s experience, as what students can put on their resume.

The Spring Career and Internship Expo will be held Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Baker Pattillo Student Center Grand Balloon on SFA campus. The event is free for all students.

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