Doggonit Bam Bam: Dog gets head stuck in spare tire

Dog gets head stuck in spare tire, racks up $2,000 bill

TUSTIN, CA (KCAL/CNN) - A California family got quite the shock when they saw their canine stuck in a spare tire.

It took quite the effort to set Bam Bam free.

“I was really scared,” said Jose Madrigal, the dog’s owner. “More than anything, even though I acted right away, I was really shocked.”

“We were all inside and as soon as I heard his bark, it sounded really bad. I checked on him. The tire was on him flat and curving his neck."

The family tried soap and water but couldn’t get Bam Bam’s head out of the tire. They eventually brought him to the veterinary.

"I've never seen a dog stuck in a tire,” said Leyla Fatourechi, an Orange County veterinary specialist. “This is definitely a first I think for all of us. I don't think even the firefighters had seen anything like it."

Nothing seemed to work at the vets office so they called the fire department.

Crews cut the tire and freed Bam Bam.

His owners also had to deal with a $2,000 vet bill.

"No, no, we are thankful he is fine and recovering,” said Madrigal when asked if Bam Bam would be punished. “That means a lot more."

A close friend of the family helped pay the bill.

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