Students at Trout Primary create Black History Wall of Honor

Students at Trout Primary create Black History Wall of Honor

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When you enter Trout Primary School and walk through the main entrance, several famous African Americans can be seen displayed on this Black History “Wall Of Honor.”

“And mine is right here and I kind of messed up a little. And mine say dancing make her feel strong,” said 2nd Grader Keriuna Williams.

Each year classes come together to create research projects about African Americans through infographics which are hung up on the Wall of Honor, according to School Principal Cindy Nerren.

“It really is just a creative way for them to learn, they learn research skills, they collaborate together, and they have a sense of pride in their project,” said Nerren.

For students, they say they like learning about different African Americans such as Alice Coachman, who was the first black woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

“She likes to run and jump, and she has long legs,” said 2nd Grader Montaja Pennington.

About Barack Obama:

“We learned that he was the first black President in the U.S.A., he was born in Hawaii, he liked comic books and his favorite comic books were Spider-man,” said 1st Grader Sadie Sullivan.

Also, Misty Copeland.

“She was the first black woman to do ballerina and she was a great, a great ballerina,” said Williams.

And Catherine Johnson.

“She was good in math,” said Kindergartner Aiden Conley.

Gives them the opportunity to share what they learned with their peers.

The Black History Wall of Honor will be on display until the end of the month.

Each day teachers stop students by their projects and ask them to explain what they’ve learned.

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