Chicken lollipops and red onion marmalade by Chef Simon Webster

East Texas Kitchen: Chicken Lollipops and Red Onion Marmalade by Chef Simon Webster

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -This amazing sauce is perfect for all kinds of meats, including the chicken lollipops that Chef Simon makes.

Red Onion Marmalade

This is a modern take on an English sauce that was created in the 1830s. It was known as Reform Sauce because it was created by the chef at the Reform Club in London. It was used as a condiment and was also garnished with sliced hard-boiled eggs and served with sliced cow’s tongue or ham.

2 large red onions, sliced thin

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons brown sugar

Salt and black pepper

1 clove garlic, minced

1/2 cup sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup red wine

2 tablespoons grape jelly

1/4 cup beets, sliced thin (canned or pickled)

Add oil to a sauté pan and cook onions over low heat until soft, about 8 minutes. Continue to stir throughout cooking. Add mushrooms, salt, pepper and garlic. Add brown sugar. Stir until caramelized. Add red wine and grape jelly. Reduce by half. Remove from heat and stir in beets. Allow to cool and refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve with roasted chicken legs or over pork chops, tenderloin or on sandwiches.

Recipe by Chef Simon Webster, Sabor a Pasion Estate & Vineyard,, 903-729-9500.

Chicken "lollipops" with red onion marmalade by Simon Webster for KLTV
Chicken "lollipops" with red onion marmalade by Simon Webster for KLTV (Source: Picasa)

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