Lufkin’s Carl Williams looking to break state power lifting record

Lufkin’s Carl Williams looking to break state power lifting record

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - At 6’ 4’’ and 306 lbs., Carl Williams was the number one rated football recruit at the FCS level this past signing day period. The future SFA Lumberjack is finishing his time at Lufkin High School power lifting and looking to break a state record that has been in place since 2013 in the deadlift. At this year’s Lufkin meet, Williams was the talk on everyone’s mouth. Every time Williams came to lift, people stopped what they were doing and watched.

As a sophomore, Williams attended the state meet in Abilene to watch his teammates compete and knew one day he would be back. Last year he qualified to go and did well, but this year he is looking to place and possibly pass the 730 lb deadlift record set in 2013 by Ben Hughes of Waco University High School.

"it is a long journey,” Williams said. “I came a long way. It's hard."

Despite his size and toughness on the field there is another side of carl that comes out at the meets. In between lifts you can see him smiling, laughing and pulling jokes on other lifters. Once he steps up to the bar, that intensity he has on the field returns amd when his lift is done he goes back to smiling

"Carl has no idea how strong he can be or how strong he is,” Lufkin Power lifting Coach Jeff Cook said. “He could step foot on the SFA campus and be the strongest kid they got. He is just a big teddy bear. You hardly see Carl in a bad mood. Everybody loves him. He attracts people to him. Good things are happening "

Williams set a personal best on the squat at 720 lbs at the Lufkin meet. He then moved on to the deadlift and had an impressive opening lift of 685 lbs. Williams did fail twice in his next two lifts by not being able to hold the proper technique at 715 lbs.

"it is more a mental thing,” Williams said. “I have to keep telling myself I can do it."

The coaches are not worried.

"The strength is not an issue with Carl,” Cook said. “He has the strength. For him it is mental and getting him set right. We have a couple of weeks before regionals and a couple more to state so we got some time. I think he will set it by the time we are done.”

The regional meet for Williams will be on March 7 at Tyler Lee High School.

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